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2019 Festival Lineup

Saturday, August 17, 2019

11am – 7pm - Bluegrass Music

11am - Blue Steel
12pm - The Mosley Brothers
1pm - Allegheny Drifters
2pm - Colebrook Road
3pm - Blue Steel
4pm - The Mosley Brothers
5pm - Allegheny Drifters
6pm - Colebrook Road

11am – 7pm - Food Vendors
11am - 7pm - Vendors
1pm – 4pm - Children’s Activities
11am – 7pm - Re-enactor Village

Sunday, August 18, 2019

8:30am – Mountain Laurel 5K Run/Walk
10am – Church Service – Main Stage
11am – 5pm - Bluegrass Music

11am - Robert Mabe Band
Noon - Well Strung
1pm - Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers
2pm - Robert Mabe Band
3pm - Well Strung
4pm - Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers

11am - 5pm - Food Vendors
11am - 5pm - Vendors
11am - 2pm - Children’s Activities
11am - 5pm - Re-enactor Village

Colebrook RoadColebrook Road
A 5 piece string band that creates original music through banjo, mandolin, upright bass, guitar, dobro and fiddle – Colebrook Road achieves a 20th century sound through 21st century songs. Based out of Harrisburg Pennsylvania but performing all over the MidAtlantic region, Colebrook Road is an original band. Almost ninety percent of what they perform is from original compositions from within the band. The unique sound of the band comes from years studying music theory and bluegrass music in particular, while putting a modern spin on that old sound through original songwriting and arrangement of three and four part vocal harmony. Band's web site
Blue Steel
West Virginia-based Blue Steel blends gospel, country, soul, and other various genres with a hard-driving bluegrass sound! The main focus of the band is that hopefully a person who comes to enjoy or listen to their show will leave a little happier, a little more at ease, and can honestly say they had a good time! The show consists of several songs the band has written, hard-pounding bluegrass standards, oldies, and various gospel numbers. It's a family show geared towards entertaining Dad, Mom, the kids, and even grandma and grandpa! The band has performed at private parties, convention centers, festivals and various music halls.
Band's web site

Well StrungWell Strung
We are a five piece bluegrass band out of the Slippery Rock, PA. area and have been playing traditional and nontraditional bluegrass music since June of 2004. The members of this band come from diverse backgrounds which allows them to create and cover music from different genres all in a bluegrass style. We enjoy playing to our audience and we never fail to get them involved in our shows-it is not unusual to see the floor bouncing with dancers! Band's web site
Allegheny DriftersAllegheny Drifters
From the western foothills of the Alleghenies, Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Drifters have presented their exciting style of bluegrass for over a decade. Their engaging, fast-paced show appeals to all ages with fine bluegrass classics, strong soulful vocals and blazing instrumentals. They’ve earned a national reputation for superb song selection and good old-fashioned energy and drive.

Bob Artis and Bernie Cunningham's natural duet blend echoes the sound and feeling of the golden age of bluegrass. When joined by the high harmony of bassist Karen Artis, this band presents a warm, authentic sound that touches the heart. Add Bob's soulful mandolin and the exciting banjo and fiddle work of Radford Vance and Michele Birkby-Vance and you have an unbeatable bluegrass sound straight from the heart of the old Alleghenies. Band's web site
Tussey Mountain MoonshinersThe Mosley Brothers
The Mosley Brothers thread the lines between traditional bluegrass and progressive acoustic music. The Mosley Brothers grew up playing and singing the traditional styles of Flatts and Scruggs and Bill Monroe, later to be influenced by music of all kinds. Their beautiful harmonies and tasteful instrumentation is such that any fan of music is sure to enjoy. Vocals, Guitar - Joey Mosley, Vocals, Mandolin - Jacob Mosley, Vocals, Bass- Johny Calamari, Banjo - Dean Phillips.
Band's web site

Robert Mabe BandRobert Mabe Band
Robert Mabe is a banjo player, singer/songwriter, banjo teacher, from the hills of North Carolina.

His influences cover a wide range of music from bebop jazz to traditional bluegrass.

Robert has recorded/performed with Larry Keel, Clay Jones, and Patrick McAvinue, to name a few, and is currently touring the country to promote his new solo project "Somewhere in the Middle". He also performed his new project at the 2016 International Bluegrass Music Association Awards on September 30th, 2016. Band's web site
Jakob’s Ferry StragglersJakob’s Ferry Stragglers
draw freely from old-time, bluegrass, country, jazz, rockabilly and swing styles to create their tight, high-energy string band music. Well-crafted original songs with emotional depth, masterful picking, and resonant vocal harmonies combine to forge new territories and a fresh take on Appalachian Americana music. Band members Gary Antol, Libby Eddy, Mitch Hall and Ed Croft hail from the mountains and river towns of southwestern Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. Band's web site

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